Rockstar Priestess and headmistress of the Morgan le Fay Mystery School Demelza Fox presents


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Looking to discover more about Morgan le Fay and step deeper into your goddess pathway?

In this guide you will learn about Morgan le Fay, the mysterious goddess of Avalon, and discover her clear pathway to becoming a true heart priestess of Avalon.

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When you sign up, you recieve INSTANT ACCESS to these three gifts:

A stunningly beautiful 24 page illustrated guidebook that will teach you every thing you ever wanted to know about Morgan le Fay. Learn the true history, arts and nature of Morgana the Goddess of Avalon and how you can invoke her in your life to welcome in more magic, synchronicity, peace, power and priestess purpose.

A POWERFUL audio activation (that you can keep and use again and again) to align and reactivate your energetic body to INSTANTLY connect you with Avalon and Morgan le Fay so you can clear resistance and call in the peace, soul-lead clarity and priestess power you need on your spiritual path. Let this be your avalonian daily practice.  

A magical VIDEO CEREMONY to connect deeply with Morgan le Fay and reclaim your magic - recorded for you at the Autumn Equinox when the veils begin to thin and the energy of Avalon is at its peak - to help you reclaim your inherent enchantment and connection with the divine realms.

About your Guide

Demi Fox is a Priestess of Morgan le Fay and a devotee of Aphrodite. She is a full-time professionally trained priestess and has been on the goddess path for more than twenty years.

She is the headmistress of the Morgan le Fay Mystery School and is passionately devoted to teaching priestesses how to get out of their own way and embrace their own unique path and shine like a ROCKSTAR!

She has been featured teacher at Goddess Conference Glastonbury and is a regular contributor for Witch magazine.